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Curriculum Vita



Presently in private practice in San Diego.




M.A., Masters in Counseling Psychology, Antioch University Graduate Pgm., Los Angeles. Degree completed at National University, San Diego, 1999.


Several certifications in stepparenting, domestic violence, treating trauma, etc.


B.A. in Liberal Arts with Major in Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles, 1995


Clinical & Counseling Experience -


Presently in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist in La Jolla, CA. I work primarily with individuals and couples, specializing in relationship issues, PTSD, recovery from high-demand groups, stepfamily dynamics, depression, and anxiety.


Completed 30-hour training to become an approved clinical supervisor through AAMFT.


2017 – Co-wrote and Directed musical “The Geeze & Me” – music and lyrics by Hedges Capers. Mounted in downtown San Diego to sold-out houses.


2003 – present - Mattersight Corporation -


I was a senior consultant with with eLoyalty (now Mattersight), a tech consulting firm in Chicago. I am a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in PCM (Process Communication Model.) I teach Process Communication Model, as well as engage in individual coaching in the model.


Psychological test scorer (Thematic Apperception Tests) for Mattersight Corporation, Chicago, for the last ten years.



Previous Positions – 1999


I was employed at the YWCA Domestic Violence Counseling Center in San Diego. This job included assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals, couples, and groups for female and male DV perpetrators. The treatment program included psychoeducation and process. It also involved many administrative tasks including interfacing with social services and other community groups.


I worked with Zeiders Enterprises, Inc., as a clinical counselor at the Navy Fleet and Family Support Center at North Island, Coronado, – 3 years. Individuals, couples and groups.

  • Caseload of about 30. Managed a variety of cases including stepfamily dynamics, bereavement, rape, domestic violence, loss, anxiety and issues dealing with children.  The facility offers brief solution-focused psychotherapy, usually consisting of  10 – 12 sessions, but extending to 24 in some cases.
  • Adjustment disorders, stepfamily issues and V-codes, depression, anxiety. Additionally, coached on transition issues in the military.  Taught a relationship class to individuals and couples.  I left this position due to increased work in the corporate arena. 


In clinical practice with Caroline Stewart and Assoc., LCSW 14173, in Mission Hills, CA., where I worked with couples, individuals, and families for three years.


Trained in CISD (Crisis Incident Stress Debriefing.) Naval Air Station North Island





Volunteer at Children of the Night, Los Angeles, a facility for run-a-way teens funded by Bette Midler, running improvisational/psychodrama groups. I found the work very compelling and learned a great deal about working with adolescents in crisis.




American Red Cross caseworker, Los Angeles, in Emergency Services. Left position due to relocation to San Diego.



Consulting Experience


I worked as a senior consultant and Subject Matter Expert with eLoyalty Corporation (now Mattersight) for five years as a coach and trainer in various companies, including a leading financial institution, a major healthcare system, and the largest European mobile communication corporation, both domestically and overseas.


I have worked as a trainer/coach with Spencer/Shenk/Capers and Associates, a consulting firm in Los Angeles. I taught Process Communication Model as well as individual coaching in the model. Additionally, I provide seminars, training clinicians in Process Therapy Model (Process Communication Model.)




Conferences: wrote and presented paper on Justice theory “The Application of Rawlsian Theory to Psychotherapy” at Fordham University, for the Journal of Moral Education. Invited to present at Harvard Medical School Conference.



Honors and Awards


Commencement Speaker - chosen by faculty Antioch University Los Angeles. 1996


Emcee - National Charity League event, San Diego. 2010.


Teaching give talks for interns about various topics.


Instructor - professional acting class for the camera at Actors Workshop Studio in San Diego.



Clinical Orientation


My orientation is primarily Object Relations, utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt, and emotionally focused techniques. My preference is to observe the individual client (or couple) and assess what type of intervention will be most effective. I utilize Gottman Theory, cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as assessing dynamics of social support cornerstones in short-term or long-term treatment.



Recent Trainings:

  • The Polyvagal Theory and PTSD
  • Healing Trauma – Daniel Siegel
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Working with Emotionally Avoidant Couples
  • Diagnosing Emotional Disorders in Children
  • Partners in Peace
  • Sprint CISD Training
  • PTSD
  • Gestalt Techniques
  • Domestic Violence Training Certification
  • Certified Trainer in Process Communication Model
  • Certified by Stepfamily Association of America


1989 - 1998

  • Actor.  (Nancy Locke) Roles in over 23 films, numerous episodic television roles, various commercials and theater in Los Angeles.  (Pretty Woman, etc.)
  • Theater Director.  Artistic Director of Alliance Theater Company, Los Angeles
  • Co-Wrote a produced screenplay for independent company, Vantage Films.  
  • Co-Wrote and sold  screenplay to Paramount Pictures which was in development for 2 years ("Holy Toledo").
  • Published magazine author
  • Winner of Best Revival of of 1996 Award for production of “House of Blue Leaves” as Director
  • Director and co-writer of musical "The Geeze & Me" 

Current Professional memberships in CAMFT, AAMFT, SAG-AFTRA.


Current Journals, Recent Books Read and Videos:

  • Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt by Peg Streep
  • The Emotionally Absent Mother by Jasmin Lee, Cori, MS, LPC
  • Directions in Sexual Harassment Law by Catharine MacKinnon and Reva B. Siegel
  • Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
  • Better Boundaries  by Jan Black & Greg Enns
  • Understanding the Borderline Mother  Christine Ann Lawson
  • The Marriage Clinic by John Gottman & John Gottman Videos
  • Fighting for Your Marriage Videos – The PREP Approach
  • How to Recognize Emotional Unavailabilty and Make Healthier Relationship Choices by Bryn Collins
  • Cultic Studies Review Journal
  • The Mastery of Therapy by Charles Frasier
  • Emotional Vampires
  • The Ways we Love by Sheila Sharp
  • Family Networker Magazine
  • Psychology Today
  • CAMFT Journal
  • California Therapist
  • Journal of Family Violence 
  • American Psychologist Journal 



References: Marcia Schatz, MFCC, Navy Fleet & Family Support Center. 619 545-6071

Caroline Stewart, LCSW, Mission Hills, CA 619 491-0080

Dr. Albert Erdynast, Antioch Univ., Los Angeles 310 578-1080

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